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16-11-2007 :
Easy Install Golf Green and Lawn Turf : FAQ ...

Why Artificial Turf?

The quality of our product range means you have turf that looks and performs as close as possible to live grass without the maintenance cost.

What maintenance is required?

Very little maintenance is required. Just simply brushing the surface will remove leaves and air born seedlings.

Can I install a Putting Green myself?

Yes. The Merit Golf Putting/Chipping Greens come with full installation instructions. You only require basic gardening skills to carry out the task.

Can I install Lawn Turf myself?

Yes. The procedure is even easier than installing a Putting Green.

Will water drain from the surface?

Yes. Water will drain off and through the surface.

How is the turf fixed to the ground?

The turf is held down by the addition of sand into the pile surface. The overall weight keeps the turf in place.

How long will it last and does it come with a warranty?

All Turf products are expected to last 15 years and are warranted for 8 years.

Will the colour change over time?

All Turf Products are ultra violet protected.

Can the Turf stand very hot and cold climates?

Yes. The Turf is installed at very hot and cold locations around the world.

Can the Turf surface be cleaned?

Yes. Brush and hose off mud and dirt from the surface.

If I place an order, how soon before I receive the goods?

As soon as payment is cleared, the goods will be dispatched. UK deliveries are normally within 5 working days. Deliveries abroad take longer.

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Martin Greenlees | 08/09/2009 @ 22:00

When ordering the putting green what exactly do I receive?

Merit Golf | 08/09/2009 @ 22:22

@Martin: You will find information on the product here:

Larry | 18/02/2008 @ 11:22

Pretty nice info. Thanks for the article.

Joe Fear | 18/02/2010 @ 18:43

Can all these greens be used outside all year round?

Gregg | 23/02/2009 @ 19:08

Thanks for the info guys.

Robert Handley | 27/05/2008 @ 14:47

What base is required under the synthetic green?

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